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Shuz Puppy \\ electro \\ house \\ trance group

Top downloads:

1. Britney Spears - Toxic (Shuz Puppy bootleg). [trance]

2. Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (Shuz puppy bootleg) [electro]

3. Shuz Puppy - Rock the house [electro]


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Shuz Puppy Shuz Puppy was formed in march 2003.
We have been creating music for more than 6 years with the help of following software and hardware: Reason, Cubase, Sound Forge, VST instruments and several sinthesizers.
Shuz Puppy group was formed from TranSlaves project(resident ex-record lable "iQmusic")
"Rock the house" by Shuz Puppy was released in compilation "Ne Spat`!" vol.1 in the end of 2003 and compilation "Fortdance mototour": of DJ Roudik in the 2004.


Full name: Sudarev Eugene
Date of birth: 04.08.81
Address: Russia, Moscow
Mail: es@shuzpuppy.com
Icq: 204474

Favourite musical styles: Progressive trance, house, electro.
Favourite electronic music projects: A&B, Royksoop, Sasha, Moby, Funkstar deluxe, Duft punk.
Favourite videoclips: Prodigy - Smack my bitch up, Chemical brothers - Star guitar.
Favourite sites: this ;) and this one.
Favourite films: A Beautiful Mind, Fight club, Snatch, Shmatrix, Amelie.
Favourite alcohol drinks: Martini with juice.
Favourite non alcohol drinks: Pepsi.
Favourite sigarets: Pall Mall.


Paul Full name: Annenkov Pavel
Nickname: Apmix or Pasha
Date of birth: 12.07.81
Address: Russia, Moscow
Mail: apmix@shuzpuppy.com
Icq: 120471213

Favourite musicians: Dj Tiesto, Above & Beyond, BT, Benny Benassy.
Favourite tracks: Trillseekers - Synaesthesia, Madonna - What that feels for a girl (A&B remix), Paul van Dyke - Words, DJ Tiesto - Dallas 4PM.
Favourite films: Fighting club, Snatch, Matrix 1-3.

created by Puppy team.

contacts: es@shuzpuppy.com

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